Isaiah 43: 1-7                                                             
Romans 8:35-39


  1. Have you ever felt like an outcast or that you don’t belong?
  2. Where have you felt or experienced this need to belong?
  3. What lengths have you gone to in order to fit in and to find a sense of belonging?
  4. Think of some examples of how we place our worth in material things in order to have a sense of belonging
  5. Do you know that we belong to God before we say or do anything, that God created a space for us in his kingdom before we were born?
  6. How does knowing this change your life and your outlook on life?
  7. How does knowing that you belong to God and that you are loved unconditionally by God change how you treat others and in particular, how you treat other outcasts who are searching for the same love and sense of belonging that you have found?