The popular press and other media regularly make comments on theology-related topics, eg the 21st Century relevance of the Bible, creationism, the ‘real’ character of Jesus, principled positions adopted by the major branches of the Church etc.  Much of this is biased, incorrect or based on dubious sources.  Church members can find this very confusing because they have not been exposed to more reliable information via their Church; many of the relevant topics don’t lend themselves to preaching from the pulpit.  Even if they were addressed during confirmation classes, these can be very long past.  To address these gaps we have established a Theology Conversations Group that organizes regular discussions on relevant topics led by authoritative figures.  We call these series ‘Conversations’ because we aim to promote sharing and understanding, rather than indulge in aggressive promotion of, or attacks on, existing perceptions.  The Group has adopted the following Objectives:

To broaden the theological perspectives of our members in order to build their resistance to atheistic/unreliable ideas and theories and also to reassure them of the validity of our faith.

The Conversations, which are open to all-comers, take place on certain Wednesday evenings from 17.30-19.00.

Previous series have been presented on: Approaches to Interpreting the Bible Today; The Creation Narratives and the ‘Big Bang’; Exploring the Meaning of ‘Evil’ and ‘Satan’; The Creationism debate; Assisted Suicide.


The Theology Issues Group includes Lesley Deysel, Christine Maree and Angus Reid.  Roy Page-Shipp is the Convenor.  If you would like to contribute or more information, please contact Roy at or 072 561 7289.